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Pineapple was a group project coming off of competitive analysis. Our research focused on groups of people with dietary restrictions. 

I, along with another classmate, took on the role of UX/UI designer.

Tasks for this project included 

  • Create home screen

  • Create checkout process

  • Create a rewards system

  • Create a way to report a problem

We discovered that people with dietary food restrictions were loyal to certain beloved brands through our research. We wanted to find a way to help users shop while also allowing people to prioritize the brands that mattered to them most. 

We came up with the solution to have the user make a shopping list of preferred items. The app would then tell the user which stores carried those specific items; this helped them prioritize what they want most. 

Shopping – 1.jpg

The user can find items by search or by category

iPhone X, XS, 11 Pro – 5.jpg

After the list is filled, users are given the options to check out.

Users create a lists instead of a cart.

This allows them to chose from most loved times even if they are not available 

iPhone X, XS, 11 Pro – 2.jpg

User can clearly and easily see what stores stock the items that the user wants.  

User is given options to replace items that are not available or remove them all together

Cart 1.jpg

In the checkout screen, the user can add the amounts wanted of each items. 

Artboard – 7.jpg

User  can apply both coupon codes as well as use points at check out.

Artboard – 2.jpg

Reward description is broken up into small pieces to be both visually interesting, and easy to digest.

Points are easily measured with a bar system as well as a point visible point value.  

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