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Capstone Thesis Project

For my capstone thesis project, I decided to create a system meant to assist in the running and operating of a furniture store. With the time frame of only 10 weeks to complete my theses, I decided to focus primarily on the perspective of a sales manager. 

Home Screen.png


Pineapple was a group project coming off of a competitive analysis. Our research was focused on groups of people with dietary restrictions. 


I along with another class mate took on the roll of UX/UI designer.

pinapple logo.png

Build Back

Build Back is an emergency preparedness app mean to help local communities in cases of natural disasters. This app specifically deals with wile fires. 

I took on the roll as UX/UI designer for this group project. 

Untitled_Artwork 3.png


ARTSemble is a small performing and visual arts group focused on giving opportunities for artist to showcase their work who would otherwise not have the chance.  

I perform many rolls for this company including Graphic Designer and board president. 

ARTSemble paint.png

Logo Designs and Various other Designs 

Beeswax Ranch Logo.png
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