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ACTS wirefram.png
ACTS wirefram.png

This was a website resign. In creating this redesign I was faced with the challenge of dealing with an ever changing website. The company would be constantly adding new shows. The goal was to keep everything clean with a touch of whimsy. I chose to go with a simple white background with a a paint splatter overlay.  It was also important to draw attention to the most important element of the website which was registering new and returning students. 

This was a Website landing page that was designed for a new coffee shop. I also designed the logo landing pages  call to action button and various icons. The design concept that I chose was a young hipster vibe. I chose to use to use a simple color scheme using green and yellow.  

For this project I design and build this portfolio website. I created the wireframe and built up the design from there.  As well as creating the website I also created the flowers the, computers and the icons on the Process screen. I chose to make do this website in a chalk board style, and I decided to go to with a more pastel colors because they would pop against the chalk background. 

Portolio color scheme.png
process icons.png


ARTSemble paint.png
Beeswax Ranch Logo.png
blank slate logo.png
nicccccccccccc logo design.png
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